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Civil Engineer Celal SEVER, is desirous of institutionalising the vast experience and achievements he has had as a professional manager since 1976, established the Cesas Construction Trade and Industry Co. Inc., in 1991 and the Cesimpeks Foreign Trade Limited in 1994.

Celal SEVER, materialized throughout his professional life a multitude of works such as, construction and rehabilitation of all kind of marine structures, service buildings, mass housing units, hospitals, university campuses, dams, hydroelectric power plants, highways, airports, aircraft shelters, military facilites, petroleum pipe lines, potable water and waste water collectors and drainage systems, making immense contributions to Turkey's economy.

The emergence in Turkey in the following years of a healthier understanding of management in construction companies and the quality management systems, which are the pre-conditions of international standards and competition, being a requisite in the construction sector obliged the Cesaş Construction Trade and Industry Co. Inc. to bring himself into line with the day's conditions, which resulted in Cesaş Construction Trade and Industry Co. Inc., getting and successfully implementing the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System.

Cesas Construction Trade and Industry Co. Inc. preens itself on having been awarded by many organizations for the numerous activities and events it has spearheaded and organized in the arts, culture and sports areas and for its environment-friendly activities.

Cesas Construction Trade and Industry Co. Inc., provides, high quality services to engineer, design, manage and build civil constructions to the full satisfaction of its clients.

Contract regarding the General Offshore Works of Pakistan Quasim Port Coal and Clinker Transfer Terminal undersigned in Karachi, Pakistan on March, 2012.  details